3 Reasons To Choose a European Auto Shop for Your Audi

Part of the thrill of driving an Audi is knowing your car is equipped with some of the best engineering European automobiles have to offer. To ensure that your vehicle continues to run at peak performance, you need to regularly schedule maintenance inspections. Trust the expertise of your local Maryland Audi auto repair shop, European Auto Care.

1. Specialized Technicians

Audis are some of the most technologically advanced luxury cars on the road. With that kind of innovation comes highly intricate parts and mechanics. Take your vehicle to a technician who has been trained to work with your specific type of car. They know how to perform basic upkeep on your Audi, as well as fix necessary repairs that may
come with time.

Choose an ASE-certified Audi mechanic to operate on your vehicle. Their certification from the National Institute
for Automotive Service Excellence shows that they have the background and education to confidently handle your
German-made car. The technicians will have passed an ASE test and will have either two years of training or one
year of training and a degree in automotive repair.

2. Cost-Effective Maintenance

An auto shop that specializes in foreign cars like European Auto Care know how to efficiently work on your vehicle.
Whether the mechanics are performing routine maintenance or repairing any issues that may come up, they know
what to do without wasting resources or damaging the car. This saves the customer time and money.

Audi shops also know what kind of maintenance schedule is recommended for your vehicle. Cars equipped with
Audi technology need to be brought in for oil changes every 6,000 miles and more advanced tune-ups every 60,000
miles. The mechanics know how to take care of your Audi in the most cost-effective way, preventing the need for
future repairs.

Additionally, local shops will not overcharge for their services, which can happen when working with a dealership.
Trust that you are getting the most for your money by taking your Audi to those who are reliable and have expertise.

3. Experience of an Audi Auto Repair Shop

An Audi shop often has years of experience working with German-made vehicles. Work with a mechanic who has a
supply of commonly-needed Audi parts in stock. You’ll get your vehicle back sooner than dealing with the hassle of
waiting for parts to arrive.

Look for an automotive mechanic who has an inventory of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts on hand.
This means your Audi will be repaired with authentic components. Ensure quality parts are going into your highly-
advanced vehicle.

Also, your local Audi specialists have the right kind of motor oil to keep your car running smoothly. Having worked
with European models before, the mechanics have the means in the shop to maintain your vehicle.

Save yourself time and money by bringing your Audi to a trusted and well-versed Audi auto shop. If you live in the
Pasadena, Annapolis or Arnold area, schedule an appointment with your local Audi auto repair shop and return to
the road satisfied.

June 2022
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