Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your European Car’s Engine

Whether it’s a Volvo or a Volkswagen, your European car offers power and efficiency that make driving a pleasure. How do you extend that pleasure for years to come? Some commonsense maintenance is the key to avoiding costly engine repair and keeping your import in perfect running order.

Engine Repair and Maintenance by the Book

The first step in safeguarding your car’s engine is the simplest but also the most important: knowing what the carmaker recommends. Every car owner is advised to read their car’s manual, but how many of us actually do? When you own a precision-engineered European automobile, you would be wise to heed this common advice, especially if you’re previous car experience has been with domestic makes. Your car’s manufacturer is the first and foremost source for information on proper maintenance for their product.

Keep Fluids Flowing to Keep Your Car Running

If the engine is the beating heart of your car, the essential fluids and lubricants represent its lifeblood. If you want to avoid damage requiring expensive engine repair, your auto’s fluids should be at the top of your maintenance to-do list:

  • Routine oil changes are an absolute minimum requirement to keep any car running. In a carefully tuned European engine, a high-quality synthetic oil is a must.
  • Neglecting the transmission of a performance car is a cardinal sin. Flushing and refilling transmission fluid clears out debris that might undermine performance.
  • Failing to maintain a proper amount of coolant has left many a motorist stranded with an overheated, and often expensively damaged, engine. Checking coolant level frequently will help you avoid this fate and catch any leaks before they become a problem.

Keep It Clean and Avoid Engine Repair Problems

Filters do essential housekeeping work for your car, and clean filters make for a cleaner and better-performing engine. Never forget these hardworking parts:

  • Transmission filters keep contaminants out of your transmission, helping your car make the most of its power and performance. A clogged transmission filter must be replaced to keep fluid flowing smoothly and prevent the transmission from struggling to do its job. 
  • Your fuel filter keeps undesirable debris and buildup out of your fuel system, but a clogged filter can keep fuel out of the system as well! Note the manufacturer’s recommended interval between fuel filter changes, and abide by it.
  • Poor air exchange in the engine caused by a clogged filter can impact your car’s efficiency and even its performance on emissions inspections.

European auto repair doesn’t have to be arduous, but it does demand that you be conscientious about routine maintenance. For more advice on engine repair, contact European Auto Care today.

August 2023
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